PE&RS November 2006


Forthcoming Articles

Uwe Rascher, Caroline J. Nichol, Christopher Small, and Leif Hendricks, Monitoring Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Photosynthesis with a Portable Hyperspectral Imaging System.

Ayman F. Habib, Eui-Myoung Kim, and Chang-Jae Kim, New Methodologies for True Orthophoto Generation.

Alain Ip, Naser El-Sheimy, and Mohamed Mostafa, Performance Analysis of Integrated Sensor Orientation.

Heng Huang, Justin Legarsky, and Maslina Othman, Land-cover Classification Using Radarsat and Landsat Imagery for St. Louis, Missouri.

Kevin Pegler, David Colemen, Ronald Pelot, and C. Peter Keller, An Enhanced Spatio-spectral Template for Automatic Small Recreational Vessel Detection.

Timothy D. James, Patrice E. Carbonneau, and Stuart N. Lane, Investigating the Effects of DEM Error in Scaling Analysis.

Pravara Thanapura, Dennis L. Helder, Suzette Burckhard, Eric Warmath, Mary O’ Neill, and Dwight Galster, Mapping Urban Land Cover Using Quickbird NDVI and GIS Spatial Modeling for Runoff Coefficient Determination.

Xun Shi, A-Xing Zhu, James Burt, Wes Choi, Rongxun Wang, Tao Pei, Baolin Li, and Chengzhi Qin, An Experiment Using a Circular Neighborhood to Calculate Slope Gradient from a DEM.

Jeffrey A. Mercier, Robert A. Schowengerdt, James C. Storey, and Jody L. Smith, Geometric Correction and Digital Elevation Extraction Using Multiple MTI Datasets.

Daniela Poli, A Rigorous Model for Spaceborne Linear Array Sensors.

I. Norjamäki and T. Tokola, Comparison of Atmospheric Correction Methods in Mapping Timber Volume with Multitemporal Landsat Images in Kainuu, Finland.

Andrea S. Laliberte, Ed L. Fredrickson, and Albert Rango, Combining Decision Trees with Hierarchical Object-oriented Image Analysis for Mapping Arid Rangelands.

Stephen V. Stehman, Manoj K. Arora, Teerasit Kasetkasem, and Pramod K. Varshney, Estimation of Fuzzy Error Matrix Accuracy Measures Under Stratified Random Sampling.

Qi Chen, Peng Gong, Dennis Baldocchi, and Gengxin Xie, Filtering Airborne Laser Scanning Data with Morphological Methods.

Abdolrassoul S. Mahiny and Brian J. Turner, A Comparison of Four Common Atmospheric Corrections Methods.

Tianen Chen, Ryosuke Shibasaki, and Zongjian Lin, A Rigorous Laboratory Calibration Method for Interior Orientation of an Airborne Linear Push-Broom Camera.

Ashok Sundaresan, Pramod K. Varshney, and Manoj K. Arora, Robustness of Change Detection Algorithms in the Presence of Registration Errors.

Simon Clode, Franz Rottensteiner, Peter Kootsookos, and Emanuel Zelniker, Detection and Vectorization of Roads from Lidar Data.

Zhi Huang, Xiuping Jia, Brian J. Turner, Stephen J. Dury, Ian R. Wallis, and William J. Foley, Estimating Nitrogen in Eucalypt Foliage by Automatically Extracting Tree Spectra from HyMap™ Data.

George E. Karras, Lazaros Grammatikopoulos, Ilias Kalisperakis, and Elli Petsa, Generation of Orthoimages and Perspective Views with Automatic Visibility Checking and Texture Blending.

M.J. Aitkenhead and R. Dyer, Improving Land-cover Classification Using Recognition Threshold Neural Networks.

Chris Hopkinson, Sorin Popescu, Martin Flood, and Robert Maher, A Survey on the Need for Airborne Lidar Training.

Qing Zhu, Bo Wu, and Neng Wan, A Filtering Strategy for Interest Point Detecting to Improve Repeatability and Information Content.

Xianfeng Zhang and Micha Pazner, Comparison of Lithologic Mapping with ASTER, Hyperion and ETM Data in the Southeastern Chocolate Mountains, USA.

Robert A. Chastain Jr. and Philip A. Townsend, Use of Landsat ETM and Topographic Data to Characterize Evergreen Understory Communities in Appalachian Deciduous Forests.

Jason S. Walker and John M. Briggs, An Object-oriented Approach to Urban Mapping in Phoenix.

Daniel Lebel, Guillaume Kenny, Donna Kirkwood, Jacynthe Pouliot, Jean-Sébastien Marcil, Christine Deblonde, and Patricia Molard, Imagery Integration Methods for Precise Geological Mapping of Rugged Terrains, Alberta, Canada.

David Potere, Curtis Woodcock, Annemarie Schneider, Mutlu Ozdogan, and Alessandro Baccini, Patterns in Forest Clearing Along the Appalachian Trail Corridor.

George T. Raber, John R. Jensen, Michael E. Hodgson, Jason A. Tillis, Bruce A. Davis, and Judith Berglund, Impact of Lidar Nominal Post Spacing on DEM Accuracy and Flood Zone Delineation.

Aparajithan Sampath and Jie Shan, Building Boundary Tracing and Regularization from Airborne Lidar Point Clouds.

Lucie C. Plourde, Scott V. Ollinger, Marie-Louise Smith, and Mary E. Martin, Estimating Species Abundance in a Northern Temperate Forest Using Spectral Mixture Analysis.

Katherine A. Joseph, Randolph H. Wynne, John O. Browder, and James Campbell, Comparison of Segment and Pixel-based Nonparametric Land Cover Classification in the Brazilian Amazon Using Multitemporal Landsat TM/EMT+ Imagery.

P.M. Atkinson, I.M. Sargent, G.M. Foody, and J. Williams, Exploring the Geostatistical Method for Estimating the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Images.

Xin Miao, Peng Gong, Sarah Swope, Ruiliang Pu, Raymond Carruthers, and Gerald Anderson, Detection of Yellow Starthistle Through Band Selection and Feature Extraction from Hyperspectral Imagery.

T. Van de Voorde, W. de Genst, and F. Canters, Improving Pixelbased VHR Land-cover Classifications of Urban Areas with Postclassification Techniques.

Yee Leung, Yong Ge, Jiang-Hong Ma, and Jinfeng Wang, Measurement Errors and Their Propagation in the Registration of Remote Sensing Images.

Frank Crosby, Adaptive Correlation Analysis with Non-overlapping Imagery Indication.


Zhong Lu, InSAR Imaging of Volcanic Deformation over Cloud-prone Areas – Aleutian Islands.

Linlin Ge, Hsing-Chung Chang, and Chris Rizos, Mine Subsidence Monitoring Using Multi-source Satellite SAR Images.

Werner Alpers, Cho Ming Cheng, Yun Shao, and Limin Yang, Study of Rain Events over the South China sea by Synergistic Use of Multi-sensor Satellite and Ground-based Meteorological Data.

Erxue Chen, Zengyuan Li, Yong Pang, and Xin Tian, Quantitative Evaluation of Polarmetric Classification for Aggricultural Crop Mapping.

Yeong-Sun Song, Hong-Gyoo Sohn, and Choung-Hwan Park, Efficient Water Area Classification Using Radarsat-1 SAR Imagery in a High Relief Mountainous Environment.

Rasmus Fensholt, Assaf Anyamba, Simon Stisen, Inge Sandholt, Ed Park, and Jennifer Small, Comparisons of Compositing Period Length for Vegetation Index Data from Polar-orbiting and Geostationary Satellites for the Cloud-prone Region of West Africa.

Lu Zhang, Mingsheng Liao, Limin Yang, and Hui Lin, Remote Sensing Change Detection Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis and Contextual Bayes Decision.

Xiaoling Chen, Shuming, Bao, Hui Li, Xiaobin Cai, Peng Guo, Zhongyi Wu, Weijuan Fu, and Hongmei Zhao, LUCC

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